Vesta has a unique way of looking at Employee Benefits. Our vision is one which is based on people.
What’s Involved

Studies consistently demonstrate that when employees understand the range of benefits offered, they not only appreciate them but value the employer as well. As many web-based enrollment platforms have entered into the market to ease the burden of on-boarding the employees to the array of benefits programs, they are technology first and communication last.


We impact the way employees feel about, understand and utilize the benefit options. It’s all about communication and education. While there is value to using a benefits system for collecting and updating employee information and benefit elections – the value of a Benefits Counselor to educate employees is invaluable to your employee’s satisfaction.


Employee Communication

Licensed Benefit Counselors educate employees about their benefit options so they can make informed elections.


Enrollment Team

For onsite 1-on-1 presentations, no matter how many or how few.


Call Center

For ongoing new hire employees boarding the benefits program.

Let us help you better appreciate your benefits package.